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Daniel Neiditch

Dan Neiditch

With an impressive past and his eye perpetually towards the future, Daniel Neiditch has made a name for himself in New York City real estate as a leader and dedicated provider of real estate services. Neiditch’s decades of experience formed him into a top investor of some of the most luxurious real estate in the city and beyond.

Neiditch has spent decades in the competitive NYC real estate industry. His agency, River 2 River Realty, has been responsible for over $1 billion in acquisitions over the past decade. He has grown his family business into a multi-billion dollar empire during his short tenure at the helm.

River 2 River’s brokerage division specializes in comprehensive service, offering concierge assistance, 24-hour on call support, and other amenities to a distinguished clientele. A member of the Real Estate Board of New York, River 2 River stands among the most dynamic and influential agencies in the city. With Neiditch in charge of both their brokerage and investment divisions, River 2 River has become a reliable presence in the highest echelons of NYC real estate.

In addition, Neiditch is the President of The Atelier Condo, a prestigious building in Manhattan, with his Hollywood connections has attracted marquee names such as Ed Harris, Brenden Frasier, Dania Ramirez, Lindsay Lohan, Debroah Cox, Dane Cook, Taylor Hicks, Mehki Pfeifer, Jerry Stackhouse, Matthew Perry, Jeremy Piven, Amy Brenneman, Jay Pharoah, Eve the Rapper, Nick Lachey and Michael Douglas to their luxury midtown condominiums. Neiditch’s penthouse attracted media attention as the most expensive real estate listing in New York City, listed at $85 Million with a trip to outer space included.

Daniel Neiditch is known for his passion for solar energy, and has been a strong advocate in the industry.  He was an early innovator by bringing solar to The Atelier Condo which is proud to be home to New York City’s highest residential solar array, and hopes to serve as an example for a solar-powered future. Approximately 15% of the building’s energy is generated by its solar panels, making it a pioneer in sustainable living for NYC and the rest of the country.

Neiditch has also devoted a great deal of his life giving help to those in need. His philanthropic efforts have helped a great number of children requiring medical care, new homes, and recovery from abuse. His work in this area has also taken him overseas to help underserved populations with support and medical care,  experiences that Neiditch has described as one of the most fulfilling of his life. He is a chief medical first responder and volunteers his time to help save lives. Neiditch has gone undercover as a homeless person in NYC finding unique individuals to which he offered jobs and apartments to get them off the street permanently.

In both business and philanthropy, Daniel Neiditch puts the most care possible into making decisions that create the greatest benefit for all involved. Whether helping people in need or finding the best  real estate opportunities, Neiditch’s knowledge and open-minded approach inform every endeavor he chooses to take on.

Daniel Neiditch’s writings have been featured extensively in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and SCORE NYC.