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Daniel Neiditch

Dan NeiditchDaniel Neiditch is an experienced leader in New York’s dynamic real estate market. As the president of River 2 River Realty, Inc., a family-owned business that offers diverse real estate services for customers in New York and beyond, Neiditch uses his background to help people make some of the most important decisions of their lives.

Daniel Neiditch started River 2 River Realty, Inc. over a decade ago as an extension of his family’s real estate firm. Neiditch grew up surrounded by real estate-savvy people, and with a combined total of 70 years of experience, River 2 River is able to bring insight to customers who are overwhelmed or uninformed about the many aspects of the market.

Neiditch oversees the progress of River 2 River Realty, Inc. as a landlord, broker, developer and manager. Since he created the business and took the reins, he has been able to cater to a wide network of buyers and sellers. The business is part of multiple prestigious organizations on both local and national scales. The Manhattan Board of Realty, Manhattan Listing Service, National Association of Realty, New York State Association of Realty, and The Real Estate Board of New York have all welcomed River 2 River as a member. Neiditch uses these exciting memberships to help customers get access to the latest and greatest properties available in New York. The business’ ties with national organizations also helps sellers expand their outreach across the country.

Neiditch makes sure that every one of his customers can rely on River 2 River Realty, Inc. as a real estate support system. The business’ customer service includes 24/7 phone support lines, luxury cars to pick up or drop off customers at different locations, and a concierge service that will manage any lodging, entertaining, or dining needs for visitors. Dan’s devotion to covering every single aspect of the real estate market makes him a go-to for customers from around the world.

Nowadays Daniel Neiditch is likely best known for Atelier, one of the most famous luxury condos in Manhattan, where he has served as president for eight years. Located on West 42nd Street and boasting the highest residential solar arrays in New York, the building is a real estate jewel and has attracted multiple celebrity tenants. Neiditch has a history of taking on (and growing) big-name buildings and making multimillion dollar deals. For example, in 2013, Daniel took control of the apartment of Daphne Guinness (heir to family that founded Guinness beer) and sold it for over $11 million.

With a personalized and well-informed approach to real estate, Daniel Neiditch has established himself as one of the most reliable and exciting realtors in the business. He helps people find the best properties to rent, buy, sell, or manage, and under his control, River 2 River Realty, Inc. has acquired over $1 billion in real estate holdings. Neiditch oversees both the brokerage and investment divisions of the business and he continues to work with some of the most innovative and elite properties in New York and beyond. For more information, follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.